Sample preparation for proteins, peptides and proteomic analysis by MS.

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. Get reliable results faster than ever with PreOmics.

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Tissue / Cell Homogenization

Easy to use, fast tissue homogenization for efficient and reproducible sample preparation.
  • BeatBox
  • BeatBox Tissue Kit 96x

Proteomics Automation Solutions

Dedicated instrumentation to improve sample throughput for LC-MS analysis - compatible with all the iST workflows.
  • PreON
  • iST PreON Tips
  • iST PreON 8x
  • iST PreON 96x
  • iST-NHS PreON 12x
  • iST-NHS PreON 96x

Protein / Peptide Sample Preparation

Fast, reliable, standardized methods for sample preparation ready for  mass spectrometry analysis.
  • iST 8x
  • iST 96x
  • iST HT 192x
  • iST PreON 8x
  • iST PreON 96x

Detailed Informations

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