HOT DISK Thermal Conductivity Instruments


hotdisk instruments 

Instruments for Thermal Conductivity Measurements

Hot Disk offers a selection of instruments for testing and measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity.

hotdisk tps3500

The new Hot Disk 3500 is the ideal instrument for testing of the smallest and most high-conducting samples.

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hotdisk tps2500s

The powerful TPS 2500 S is prepared to tackle more or less any type of samples and spanning the impressive thermal conductivity range of 0.005-1800 W/m/K.

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hotdisk tps2500dual

The TPS 2500 S DUAL is the modular twin sensor upgrade of the TPS 2500 S, designed for multiple simultaneous measurements.

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hotdisk tps2200

The TPS 2200 is an affordable, scaled-down standardized instrument in the system portfolio of Hot Disk AB.

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hotdisk tps1500

The TPS 1500 is geared toward heavy duty testing of mainly building and construction materials, and excels when it comes to insulation materials.

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hotdisk tps500s

The new TPS 500 S expands the testing capabilities of standard with a wider thermal conductivity window, an improved temperature range,  and more flexible sample geometries.

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hotdisk tps500

The TPS 500 is the very capable low cost alternative, suitable for use in the small-scale laboratory or for fast, non-destructive quality control testing.

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hotdisk m1

A state of the art instrument for testing thermal conductivity of thin films.

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