K-MAC SCM-2020 Colorimeter & Thin Film Thickness & Transmittance Combined Measurement System

SCM-2020 Colorimeter & Thin Film Thickness & Transmittance Combined Measurement System

kmac scm2020

Thin Film Thickness Measurement



The SCM-2020 is Thin Film Thickness & Colorimeter & Transmittance Combine Measurement System, that using spectrometer.

The SCM-2020 has Variable function, Tabletop size. Suitable for touch panel.


Measurable Wavelength range: 380 ~ 780nm

Detector (Linear Array Type): 2048 pixels

Chromaticity result: XYZ, xy, u’v’, u*v*, Lab, L*a*b*, ΔCCT

Repeatability (1σ): x ≤ 0.001, y ≤ 0.001, Y ≤0.1 (Continuously, Measuring the same point 30 times )

Semi automatic chromaticity measurement

Measurement results should be saved as Excel format


Thickness and optical N,K measurement by a spectrometerwith a grating and a linear CCD detector

Wavelength resolution: 2nm

Detector (Linear Array Type): 2048 pixels

Wavelength range: 350nm ~ 1000nm

Thickness measurement range: 200Å~35µm

Measurement spot size: φ40µm (5x), φ20µm (10x), φ4µm (50x)

Multi-layer measurement: Up to 3 layers

Measurement Lens: 5X, 10X, 50X

Measurement Result could be saved as Excel format.

Repeatability (1sigma): ± 10Å at 5000 Å (Continuously, Measuring the same point 10 times)


Measurable Wavelength range: 380 ~ 1000nm

Light receiving spot size: < 3mm

Repeatability (1σ) ≤ 0.5 % at 550nm