P.A.Hilton Engineering Teaching Equipment - Vocational Training

Vocational Training

vocational training

B400 Acoustic Impedence Tube

HAK14 Check Valve Assembly

B600 Noise Control Demonstration Unit

B700 Fire Alarm Trainer

801 Visual Refrigeration Training Unit

802 Commercial Refrigeration Training Unit

803 Basic Installation Training Package

804 Hermetic Refrigeration Training Unit

805 Advanced Refrigeration Training Unit

808 Reverse Cycle Refrigeration and Air Con Training Unit

810 Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

811 Advanced Training Unit for Fault Location

812 Water Chiller Trainer

814a Ref & AC Control and Fault Trainer

816 Absorption Refrigeration Demonstrator

P.A.Hilton Ltd and Hi-Tech Education are world-renowned brand names in Engineering Teaching Equipment.

Both brands excel in meeting customer needs together under the umbrella of P.A.Hilton Ltd, a company with over fifty years’ experience in the educational training equipment sector and a worldwide customer base.

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