P.A.Hilton Engineering Teaching Equipment- Vibration



HVT1 Simple Pendulum

HVT2 Reversible Pendulum

HVT3 Compound Pendulum

HVT9 Torsional Vibration Apparatus

HVT11 Vibration of a Spiral Spring

HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus

HVT13 Torsional Vibration Apparatus

HVT14d Digital Spring Mass Vibration System

HVT12c Beam Bending (Transverse) Vibration Module

HVT12d Vibration Absorber

HVT12f Vibrations Frame

HVT12h Mass Spring System

HVT12k Data Acquisition System

HVT20 Stability of Structures Apparatus

HAC90 Tachometer

HAC110 Speed Controller

HAC120 Motor Exciter

P.A.Hilton Ltd and Hi-Tech Education are world-renowned brand names in Engineering Teaching Equipment.

Both brands excel in meeting customer needs together under the umbrella of P.A.Hilton Ltd, a company with over fifty years’ experience in the educational training equipment sector and a worldwide customer base.

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