P.A.Hilton Engineering Teaching Equipments - Theory of Machines

Theory of Machines

theory of machine

HTM1 Wheel and Axle

HTM2 Wheel and Differential Axle

HTM3 Worm and Wheel (30 : 1 ratio)

HTM4 Screw Jack

HTM7 Gear Tooth Form

HTM8 Cam Analysis

HTM9 Simple Flywheel

HTM11 Spur Gear Lifting Machine

HTM15 Model Gyroscope

HTM17 Crank and Connecting Rod

HTM18 Oscillating Cylinder

HTM18 Oscillating Cylinder

HTM19 Hooke's Coupling

HTM20 Ackermann Steering

HTM21 Castor, Camber, King Pin Inclination

HTM22 Relationship between Angular and Linear Speeds

HTM23 Gear Train Demonstrator

HTM24 Universal Drive Module

HTM25 Gear Train Apparatus

HTM26 Winch Apparatus

HTM28 Crank Mechanism

HTM34 Gearbox Apparatus

HTM38 Disc Brake Apparatus

HTM66 Static and Dynamic Balancing vibration

HTM67 Whirling of Shafts

HTM71 Governors Apparatus

HTM72 Cam Analysis

HTM73 Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives

HTM77 Slotted Link

HTM78 Four Bar Chain

HTM79 Inertia in Rotational Motion

HTM80 Lathe Gear Demonstrator

HTM81 Gear Efficiency Apparatus

HTM93 Angular Acceleration Apparatus

HTM96 Simple Bearing Housing

HTM98 Single Epicyclic Gear Train

HAC14 Vertical Stand

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